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Want to learn a new skill? Need a little extra help with a task?

The Appomattox Regional Library System offers 30-minute Book-A-Librarian sessions with our professional and skilled librarians. Fill out an application form as completely as you can and with as much detail as possible. Submit your request at any ARLS location. You will be contacted by a librarian after your request is received. It’s that easy!
Some of the tasks we are available to help with include:
  • Setting up a new email account
  • Formatting a resume
  • Printing tax forms
  • Using an e-Reader
  • Using an iPad or other tablet
  • Getting started on social media
  • Book suggestions or reading lists
  • ARLS databases such as Hoopla, MasterFILE Complete, OverDrive, Accel5, and Transparent Language
  • Basic computing (Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc)
  • Downloading pictures to a laptop
This is not a complete list of all the tasks we can help with, so if you don’t see your need on it, don’t hesitate to apply for a session anyway. Scheduling will depend on staff availability. Please note, there may be some requests that we are unable to assist with if it falls outside of the scope of the library’s mission. For example, we are happy to help format or stylize a resume that has already been written…but cannot help write a resume from scratch. We can help upload a resume to a job search website, but cannot sit with a patron to help search for jobs. Both of these are excellent examples of the kind of work that the Virginia Employment Commission is capable of helping citizens with or using JobNow.